Friday, January 30, 2004

I have nothing new to report today. I'm just waiting to go to the admit weekends, I guess. I haven't actively sought out current students or alumni from the schools I am interested in, which seems to set me apart from most people who are trying to choose a b-school. It seems to me that whatever those people say is going to be based on their individual experience and therefore it won't necessarily hold true for me. For example, when asking people about classes or professors in undergrad you would often get very different opinions about a professor. The only time the advice was trustworthy was when everyone you spoke to either loved or hated the prof, in that case I usually loved or hated her as well. So, since the advice I get from people at each school is pretty uniformly positive, it doesn't really help me to differentiate between the schools.

This is why I have largely resigned myself to deciding based on my long term career objectives and my experiences at the admit weekends. So, while I would wager that I will end up at HBS, I am still going to visit Stanford in the meantime. Have a good weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl! (Go Panthers!) (I guess...)

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