Sunday, January 25, 2004

This is the very beginning of my BLOG. My current status is that I have been accepted to Stanford, Harvard, and Texas business schools, and now I have to decide where I will spend the next 2 years. Ideally, I will continue blogging here all the way through school, but we'll see.

A little about me: I was born in Houston in 1978. I lived either in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin for my whole life. I went to the University of Texas and studied mechanical engineering. I met my wife, Jie, and we were married one year and one day ago today! Now I am applying to b-school and writing this blog. Also, today Jie and I bought a digital camera online (a Canon S50) and so maybe I will have some pictures to link to after we go on our admit weekend visits to Stanford and Harvard.

Anyway, this is enough to get started, I hope you all enjoy it!

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