Sunday, February 01, 2004

Today I have been checking out laptops on the internet. Computing is another difference between Stanford and Harvard, it seems. At Stanford computers are not generally used in the classroom, apparently, and they don't require that students have a laptop. At Harvard, on the other hand, laptops seem to be more integrated into the classroom and much more of a requirement. In fact, they may outright be a requirement. This is just another factor that draws me a bit further towards Harvard. I am pretty skeptical of any university that doesn't hasten to mesh computers in with the curriculum. Although I am not quite a techie, I am a big believer in technology.

Anyway, I think I have narrowed down my laptops considerations to Dell (doubtful), IBM (most likely), and Fujitsu (the dark horse). I don't like the Dells so much because they tend to be bigger and bulkier and they run really hot. I like the offerings from IBM, but for some reason I don't want to own one (my techs at work have IBM and Dell desktops, and the IBMs are just flimsier, that could be where my hesitation comes from). Fujitsu is relatively unknown in consumer electronics, but their equipment forms the backbone of the SBC fiber network (and most fiber networks worldwide). They are known for their reliable products and top-notch customer service in the telecom field. So, if I am a big fan of Fujitsu when it comes to fiber muxes, why not laptops?

The other consideration is size. I know I don't want a desktop replacement, but do I want a 5 lbs, thin and light model or a 7 lbs tweener? Basically the difference is screen size, keyboard room, and battery life vs. weight. Hmmm... I imagine I will go with a 5 lbs model in the end, but we'll see. Another mark in IBM's favor is that they have competitive models in both categories, whereas Fujitsu and Dell seem to only each do one well.

I'll let you know how it goes... (Oh, and I am having fun with HTML, in case you couldn't tell... ;)

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