Thursday, February 19, 2004

Harvard! It was a fun day, we arrived at our hotel around 1:15. Then we went and got lost in Harvard Square. Finally, we found a supposedly good place to eat (Mr. Bartley's Burgers) but the food was actually pretty disappointing. Then we met up with Brian and walked down to pick up our packets at Spangler. In our packets was a list of first round admits. It turns out that there are two other people from my high school! It's a small world...

Anyway, then we walked around a bit more, saw how horribly overpriced the Harvard CO-OP is, and finally met up with some current students and admits at a few bars (John Hancock and another I can't remember). It was pretty cool. Finally, we called it a night early so we can be well rested for the marathon of a day we have tomorrow.

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