Monday, February 23, 2004

Harvard Review 
Ok, as promised, my review of Harvard:
Most impressive features:
  • Organization/Resources: Every case makes it way magically to your mailbox, the Citi-assist loan program for every admit, tutoring, loan forgiveness, fellowships, career coaches; the list goes on and on.

  • Facilities:Spangler is just amazing. The tunnel system is very cool. Shad is fantastic. I could keep going...

  • Career Services:HBS repeatedly stressed how determined they are to help students determine just exactly what career will work best for them, and then to help them get a job moving in that direction. It was very cool.

  • Students:All the first and second year students were exceptionally friendly. I was very impressed with how much fun they all seemed to have together in and out of class. Very cool.

  • Professors:Some of the professors were absolutely amazing. Others...well, see below...

  • Least impressive features:
  • Professors:Some of the professors were pretty average. However, HBS has a system to allow students to provide anonymous feedback to their prof's, so this doesn't worry me too much.

  • HBS Housing:Overpriced and undersized.

  • My fellow admits:I actually say this only because I got the feeling from just about everyone (and I probably exhibited the same behavior) that they were trying to impress other admits and justify their acceptance. It was irritating. According to the 1st and 2nd year students it takes until a month or so into the first semester for that attitude to completely die out.

  • Overall I was very impressed with HBS. Unless Stanford completely blows me away this weekend I think I will wind up in Boston...

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