Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The HBS admit weekend is this weekend. We fly up Thursday morning and fly back on Sunday. I am really excited. I was just checking out the agenda. We will be visiting a class, sitting in on a faculty panel, and learning about our career opportunities. Also, we will get campus tours, housing tours, and all that good stuff. I am getting really pumped about living in Boston. I have never been there before, and I am really excited about seeing the city. I was also reading PowerYogi's blog. His take on the HBS classroom experience was really enticing. It complemented what Brian, another HBS admit told me, which is that HBS has about the most powerful and impressive classes around.

On the Stanford front, they are really starting to suck Jie in. She got an e-mail from the partners club yesterday, they make a big effort to make her feel welcome. Also, the weather and the proximity to China make Stanford a really intriguing choice.

We are taking the new digital camera and Jie's laptop to Boston so we can publish photos each night. So, stay tuned for Thursday night to get an update of the afternoon's activites and a full set of photos on smugmug.

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