Sunday, February 22, 2004

Well, we are finally home again. I'm uploading the last of the Boston pictures now, we spent the morning wandering around the Freedom Trail/Boston Commons area in downtown Boston. I think in the end I took around 150 pictures which equated to about 250 Mb. I hope you enjoy it all.

The flight home was pretty turbulent, at one point the flight attendants told anyone with drinks to just set them in the aisle and let them spill, cause it was too difficult to hold them. Luckily, that stretch only lasted a few minutes. Once we were on the ground we had to deal with a torrential downpour, including 2 inches of standing water around our car. The cold temperatures in Boston looked pretty appealing right then.

I will try to summarize the trip, including most and least impressive aspects of HBS, sometime this week. I better do it before Friday, cause we leave for California on Saturday morning and after that it will never get done...

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