Sunday, March 07, 2004

Good meeting, good book, good weather... 
First of all, the XML feed is now working. There is a link to it under blogging links, so you can set us up in your favorite news reader. Currently, I am using bloglines. I have Harry, Trip, Hella, Joey, Chunky, FMG, Naveen, and Power Yogi set up (Hint: just add atom.xml to the end of any blogspot URL and you see if the feed is there). It is pretty cool, much easier than clicking through all the sites.

Admissions Guide
Also, Techiedude has said that he will put together a guide for new students. Perhaps we should all take this on as a cooperative effort and each submit our own views on one or more aspects of the admissions process. We could combine it all into one website or blog and unleash it upon the world. Joey, for example, has already done a fine job of reviewing admissions consultants here.

My personal reading goes in cycles. I will read almost non-stop for around 6 months and then not pick up a book for another 3 or 4 months or so. Anyway, I haven’t read anything at all lately, and I am finally getting the itch again. Yesterday I picked up a copy of Barbarians at the Gate. I am about a quarter of the way through it and I think it’s fascinating. And horrifying. As a small investor, I am all about shareholder’s rights (another reason I don’t think I could ever work as an I-banker), and it boggles the mind the way Ross Johnson blew company money. Anyway, thus far it’s been a really good read, I recommend it.

I had a meeting this morning with a Stanford alumnus. It was a really good experience; we had a wide-ranging discussion about my feelings on H/S and my career expectations. Aside from forming what could potentially be a very useful connection when I return to Houston after B-school, I had a really great time. Our talk reinforced my feelings of equality between the two schools, it comes down to a couple of things, I think: “Fit,” Curriculum, and Location. Fit clearly goes to HBS, Curriculum is about even, but the flexibility at Stanford may beat out the case method at HBS; and location, which is also about even, although there I lean towards Boston. A fourth factor was brought up, money. I have now completed the finaid for Stanford (which I am a complete numbskull for not doing earlier, it took less than an hour) and so will see how that compares to HBS when I get their package.

Oh yeah, and the weather was great today. Houston normally gets very few of these blue-sky and seventies days, but this year has been exceptional. We went out and hit golf balls and it was very obvious that we really need to focus in on golf. I enjoy it while I am playing, but when you only do something once a month or so you are never going to get any good.

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