Thursday, March 18, 2004

Hell Week 
I was reading Year One today during lunch and I got up to the point where ‘Hell Weekend’ was about to begin. That is the period where there are no classes and a whole host of companies come on campus to hold interviews. Some people have 15-20 2 hour interviews scheduled during this period, which is now known as Hell Week instead of weekend. Anyway, one concern of mine that this raised is that with so many outstanding students to compete against, and limited summer openings, I may have trouble garnering a lot of interviews. Two things in particular will count against me, I think. First of all, I went to a plain ol’ state school for undergrad, and also I am from a less conventional business school background.

Of course, there is a significant possibility that I will come back to my current employer during the summer, since I plan to take a leave of absence to attend school rather than resign. Even if I do plan to come back after school, though, I still may pursue a summer job in investment management, private equity, consulting, or investment banking in order to diversify my experience. With that goal in mind, what I have read has worried me.

Oh, and in fairness to HBS, I think I would face the exact same issue at Stanford.

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