Thursday, March 11, 2004

A hint of what's to come??? 
As you know, I sent my check in to HBS over a week ago. Well, my status still hasn't changed on the online checklist. So, this morning I called the woman in charge of registering the commitment forms and checks and left her a voicemail asking if they had received it (I am a little worried about a $1000 check getting lost in the mail...). In any event, I never got a call back. I did, however, get an e-mail from another Stanford student. He is also married, also spent time in Texas, and basically just offered to answer any questions I had. So, I guess this is one of those big-school/small-school comparisons. [As an aside, if my letter to HBS did in fact get lost do I treat this as a sign? I don't generally believe in such things, but this is such an agonizing decision!] (Update: Just got off the phone with HBS, they do have it. Now is that a sign??? ;)

Tomorrow after work we are heading out to visit my brother at Texas State and then to the lake for a little R&R. I'll have an update and pictures on Sunday.

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