Monday, March 01, 2004

Napa Valley 
I felt pretty guilty this morning about skipping out on the day of activities at Stanford. I really didn't want to go, though, since I knew I wasn't going to the program. My alternatives were to suck up and go, skip out but call and explain, or just skip out. Although I felt really guilty, I ended up going with number 3.

We drove up 280 through SF and across the Golden Gate bridge today. The weather was awful. We continued on to Napa Valley and visited the Grgich Hills and Beaulieu wineries. Grgich Hills was really cool, but BV was pretty lame. Then we ate at the Rutherford Grill, the food was good but it was waaay overpriced. We drove down Silverado Trail after that, it was really pretty. That's where I took a panorama on a random winery. We headed back to Palo Alto by way of Berkeley, where we briefly drove by the campus of UC-Berkeley. It was a busy day, but we had a really good time.

Oh yeah, I also uploaded all the pictures over on smugmug, so be sure and check them out.

One more thing I forgot to mention about Stanford: The housing available is awesome. The on-campus is cheaper than HBS, and the off-campus houses that 2nd-year students rent are top-notch. Indoor basketball courts, pool tables, hot tubs, pools, etc. Again, not something directly related to the program, but very cool nonetheless.

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