Monday, March 15, 2004

Public Library 
I drove over to the public library today to pick up a copy of Year One, by Robert Reid. He attended HBS in the early 90's and wrote about his RC experience. I think the school has mellowed a bit since then, but I bet the book will be useful nonetheless. I also grabbed a copy of When Genius Failed by Lowenstein. At Half-Price books today I also got Against the Gods by Bernstein. I am looking forward to all three, but will have to dispense with the library books first.

The public library is always an interesting scene. The closest library to me is the main downtown branch, and there is always an interesting assortment of characters. You've got your standard library users: students, teachers, thrifty-types; and then you have your random ne'er-do-wells who are just looking for a free hangout with bathrooms and A/C. Last time my favorite was the dude who was reading the newspaper in the bathroom stall with no door. This time it was a nice old lady thumbing through old copies of the white pages while she talked to herself (and yes, I verified she wasn't on a cell phone). She wasn't so nice a little while later when she was berating the poor librarian for who knows what. I was out of earshot, but it didn't look pretty.

That's pretty much everything of interest for today. I did request a copy of Snapshots from Hell, which I suppose is the Stanford version of Year One. Hopefully I can pick that up in a few weeks and compare the two.

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