Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Reconsidering Stanford 
Well, after conversations with a Stanford alum and a couple of current students we are really starting to come around. The students who called were married and from Texas, so we had a lot in common. It was a much better than our before-admit-weekend-dinner, which was not a good experience. The first-year who called had a lot of similar interests and I could tell that here was someone that I could really get along with. So, for the first time since admit weekend, Jie and I can really see ourselves at Stanford.

There are a few key points that are driving this turnaround: We want a dog. A yellow lab, to be exact. There is no way to have a dog of that size at HBS, but it is very doable at Stanford. Also, as intriguing as the classes at HBS are, I am really drawn to the flexibility at the GSB. I can possibly test out of a few core courses, and even if I don't I can still take the 'turbo' version.

So in many ways I am back at square one. Well, except that I mailed a $1000 check to HBS and that does make a difference. I know I will be happy at either school, so I will wait to get the finaid results and see where that leaves me.

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