Monday, March 08, 2004

Some new pics 
Nothing to report today on the b-school front. Just hanging out in limbo while I wait for HBS to acknowledge my check and commitment form and get back to me on finaid. It may be a few weeks... Good luck to all those who will be getting decisions soon!!! I was lucky because I had a ski vacation scheduled the weekend before I was to hear from H/S. In fact, Derrick called while I was in the t-shirt shop looking for souvenirs. It was neat to go down a nice run and realize that I hadn't thought about b-school for a solid 5 minutes. ;)

Anyway, as the title suggests, I have uploaded some more pictures into smugmug. You know, I love DSL, but uploading photos is just painful. In the hotels in Boston and SF I could upload 100 mb of photos in 15 minutes. It just took that long for only 24 mb! The pictures I uploaded today are just random Houston shots. A few views of downtown and some action at the dog park. Jie and I met my sister Becky and her dog Misty down there. Good stuff.

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