Sunday, March 21, 2004

Thanks, but no thanks. 
Today I finally got around to logging in to the Texas website and declining their offer of admission. I had until April 15th to do so, it just took me a while to get to it. I was a little surprised that they never called me to offer any kind of scholarship, but I think that they probably would only have offered me in-state tuition, and I already get that...

I finished Year One yesterday. Overall it was a good read, but I can definitely see why it is out of print. The only people that I can see being at all interested in reading it are those thinking about or preparing to attend HBS. It is pretty well written, but the subject matter just isn't that engaging. One interesting tidbit: according to the author about 20 people per year (or 2%) 'hit the screen.' This means that they scored low enough in enough classes to be academically reviewed. Of those, about half are allowed to return and the other half aren't. So, about 1% of the class was cut, but they do have the option of returning after a year or two, so it isn't over. This is far less intimidating than the 10% number that is often bandied about.

This week I am meeting two more Stanford alumni, tomorrow I am meeting with one downtown and then on Wednesday I have a call set up with one of the exec's from my company. I am looking forward to both meetings, especially tomorrow.

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