Friday, April 02, 2004

Allergies, etc. 
Like Naveen, my allergies have been killing me lately. Today was the worst day yet, I felt like garbage all morning. I almost took a half-day, but instead re-medicated and took a leisurely lunch. It seems to have done the trick, and I think I will live.

Year One
I was reading Adam’s blog yesterday. Although he hasn’t kept up his posting lately, he did a pretty good job last year, which was his first at HBS. At one point he recommends Year One to prospective HBS students. In my conversation with the HBS alumnus on Tuesday, I also got the feeling that the book had given me a good insight into the workings of the school. I meant to mention that when I wrote about our discussion, but it slipped my mind. So, for all you future HBSers out there, I recommend that you swing by your local library and pick up a copy.

I started the Quantitative Methods module that all incoming students have to pass before matriculating. It reminds me a lot of the Kaplan GMAT CD, in that it has voiceovers and kind of an entertaining story. It is a cool reminder of the resources that HBS has at its disposal. The module is something I would expect in a $50 software package, not “free” from a university.

Against the Gods
I am still pushing through Against the Gods. It’s not an engrossing read in and of itself, but the underlying concepts are pretty cool. I have some background already in statistics (from the CFA), and so it is pretty interesting to read about the lives and times of the pioneers (Gauss, LaPlace, Bernoulli, Pascal, Fermat, etc.). It seems like a pretty good pre-MBA book, if you can stay awake... The last two nights in a row it has put me to sleep in a hurry.

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