Thursday, April 29, 2004

The first few months of this blog really flew by, I was posting something at least moderately meaningful everyday and I really enjoyed all the writing. Over the last few weeks, though, it's been really hard to come up with anything relevant to write. The short answer is that nothing has been happening, the long answer probably has something to do with work and the frustrating unknown that will finally be resolved in 8 or 9 days. Today the Union announced that the Union membership voted to go one strike, should it come to that. So, if nothing is resolved by next weekend then I'll probably have to start on a 12x7 shift, which I would really rather not do. I'll keep you posted.

The Student Association at HBS publishes a great guide every year that they give to all the incoming students. It covers a wide range of material, including the case method, where to live, what kind of laptops to buy, the grading system, etc. One thing that I found interesting is that Year One, admit weekend, and the HBS guide all stress how recruiters don't know students' grades, nor can students disclose them. However, I don't believe I heard anything about this policy from the Business Week guide or on the forums. I'm not drawing any conclusions, I just wanted to point out that interesting tidbit.

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