Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter Bounty 
Just back from the local Walgreen's, where I loaded up on Easter candy at a 50% discount. Mmm...peeps...

I am continuing to devour books like a madman. Yesterday I started The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell. It reminds me of Contact (the book, not the movie) but with heavy religious undertones. It's about first contact and the journey to meet the other civilization, but this time the quest is underwritten by the Jesuits. Apparently all hell breaks loose on the planet they visit, but I am only a quarter into the book so I have only been given hints. Mrs. Russell has a doctorate in biological anthropology, and there seems to be a certain depth to the novel that is very interesting. Thus far, I would recommend it.

All this reading started out as a an attempt at some business reading to prepare for b-school. After downing Barbarians, When Genius Failed, First Year, and Against the Gods, I guess I was ready for some fiction. I have been keeping up with The Economist, though, and I would like to get to some more business related works next. I think I will stop by Half-Price Books on the way home from work one day this week, any suggestions?

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