Friday, April 16, 2004

Is blogging pornographic? 
Well, according to the internet censors at my company, apparently it is. Yesterday I was able to see all of the blogspot.com blogs just fine, but now when I try it I get the following message:
Blocked Website
Warning! Warning!

This is a Blocked Website!
You have attempted to reach an Internet website that has been identified as non-business related, or otherwise inappropriate.

In the address bar of internet explorer I gathered that they have blocked IP addresses in the 10.65.60 range because they fall in "CAT=PORN". Hmmm... I did not realize that. Of course, I can still get to blogs not on blogspot, and I can still post things to my blog, but I can't read it. Oh well... In the past they have blocked and then un-blocked such sites as Hollywood Video, so maybe this too shall pass.

On a less bizarre note, I informed my boss yesterday that my last day on the payroll will be July 12th. Additionally, June 30th will probably be my last day in the office, and then I will use vacation to get me through the 12th. Only 53 days of work left! Woo hoo!

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