Saturday, April 10, 2004

No News 
Well, I recovered from my bout with allergies. I don't think there is anything that 30 mL of Nyquil and 12 hours of sleep can't cure. I was really worried that it would turn into a full-blown cold, with associated down time, cause work stoppage preparations at work are getting ramped up and the next four weeks are going to be very interesting. I really hope the company and union get it worked out, that would be best for everybody, but it will be good experience if there is a strike.

Not much happening on the b-school front. I am working on getting all the paperwork together for immunizations, Shad consent form, etc. It's not due until 7/1, but I'd like to get it out of the way.

I'm also pondering what day I would like to quit working. July 9th is the day I vest my 401k matching, so I need to stay on the payroll until then. I do have 12 days of vacation stockpiled, and I can also take up to 30 calendar days unpaid without pushing out my vesting date, so I have some options. If there is a lengthy strike, though, I would have to work right up until July 9th, since the company will not allow vacation or unpaid time during a work stoppage. I guess we'll see...

You know, at each stage of the process I have said: well, after this then I'll know what's going to happen. First it was after January 21st. Then, I got into two schools and I had to choose, so then I set myself a deadline of early-March to decide. That passed, and I thought I made a decision, but then more uncertainty. Then I thought I would know after March 30th. And I did. But then on April 7th the Union sends its letter and it's back to more uncertainty. Well, it does beat boring predictability...

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