Thursday, May 06, 2004

So, I guess it's time to start looking for an off-campus apartment. I believe we are primarily going to look in Harvard Square, Kendall Square, and Allston. Jie has already been scouting out Craig's list, and we may make a trip up there in June to look for a place. Right now everything depends on work.

Speaking of work, we got real positive news last Friday but since then it has gone downhill. Preparations are in full swing, and boy is this a tough place to work right now. Of course, if the work stoppage really happens, it will become a lot less pleasant in a hurry.

Anyway, this was just a day full of bad news. I finished off the Abita 12-pack last night so I don't even have a beer to go home to drown my sorrows in. Oh well, I guess it's off to Memorial Park for a run instead.

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