Thursday, May 27, 2004

Another task completed 
Well, I left work early today (and for the week!) to get my TD booster. My doctor completed all the paperwork and now I have done everything I can for the time being. There are a few items left, but I have to wait on HBS to get me the materials I need. After I get the second mailing (the first had housing and general program info), I'll be able to:
- Take my Myers-Briggs and send in my scantron
- Take the Accounting self-test

After they get the laptop purchase plans all settled I can:
- Buy my laptop
- Complete the software installation (some online downloads + Office XP)

The only thing left after that will be the Accounting Module, which I have to complete by August 19th. That is only recommended, so I probably will just aim to take the pre-test to place out. I feel like I got a decent accounting background through the CFA and a class at UH. Plus, I have to take the accounting self-test anyway.

After doing all that, I guess I will be finally ready to handle HBS...

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