Sunday, May 16, 2004

A good weekend 
We got out of Houston right on time at around 4 on Friday, and we met everyone at Trudy's at 7. There were five of us, and I think everyone had a really good time. At least I hope they did, cause Jie and I really enjoyed ourselves. I had the migas and fajitas, which is my all-time favorite dinner. If I ever find myself on death row they won't have to even ask what I want for my last meal... ;)

On the way to the lake afterwards Jie and I were talking about how when we began the application process we didn't know a single person who had been to any of the top b-schools. We had a very lofty view of such people, and couldn't imagine what kind of superstars they must be to get in to those schools. Now, having been accepted and having met so many people, we continue to be surprised that everyone is so down to earth and nice. We had built up this image of superstar workaholics (you know, olympic medal winners who started their own multi-million dollar business and save puppies as a hobby...), when in fact these are just the type of people you would want to be with for a few beers and some good tex-mex. What a nice surprise!

On Saturday we had a huge birthday party at the lake for my grandmother. One of the highlights of the day was getting shots of my dad's dog, Gracie, retrieving throw-toys off the dock. See below for a great aerial shot.

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