Friday, May 28, 2004

My dad got an iPod from SAP when he played in a golf tourney hosted by them a few weeks ago. Anyway, he tried to set it up and ended up somehow killing it. It won't charge, connect to a computer, or boot up. We took it to the local Apple store and they can't swap it out because it is engraved with SAP on the back. Engraved items have to go back to HQ so they can replace it with an engraved one. It doesn't matter that we don't care about the engraving, those are the rules...

Anyway, so we go through the Apple website to start our request for service. They send us a box with instructions for sending in the iPod. The box comes with foam packaging, a little self sealing plastic bag for the iPod, and strips of tape to use to seal the box again. It's an entirely self-contained return package, which I thought was pretty cool. After I finished packing it up I just had to tear off the top label, the one with my address on it, and underneath was a new label to ship it back to Apple. I found my local Airborne Express drop box and less than an hour after the box was delivered to me it is now waiting to be sent back to Apple. Now that's good customer service.

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