Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Moving and Housing 
Jie and I are starting to set our plan for the summer. Right now it looks something like this:
June 30 - Last day of work
July - Wedding in NJ, a few days in Houston, 2-3 weeks at the lake, and then a week of packing.
July 31st - Move out (which means pack up the van)
August 1-3rd - Arrive and unload in Boston

We are starting to contact other HBS admits in Texas about sharing movers or a van rental to get to Boston. It's going to run around $2000 to rent a van, or around $2500-3000 to have movers do it (they just load and unload, no packing). If we could split with someone else it would probably save us at least $700-800, which isn't chump change. So, if you are a Texas area admit to HBS, shoot me an e-mail (Brad, Philly's not too far, what are your moving plans???) if you are moving around the same time.

The deadline to submit an apartment housing application was yesterday, and supposedly we will get our magic number this weekend. All Harvard affiliated apartments are auctioned in one process, so the numbers range from 1-2500+. If we get anything below 700 we will be pretty much assured of a place in either One Western (our first choice) or Soldiers Field Park. So, here's hoping for a low number!

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