Thursday, May 27, 2004

With the housing situation still up in the air, Jie and I have started to make back-up plans. M, a very nice HBS admit in Austin, has recommended a housing agent that she and her husband used so we may start working that angle. We are also making plans to change flights we made for a wedding in early July and we will go to Boston the last week in June to find a place, before heading to NJ for the wedding.

This weekend we will be in Mississippi for the step-triplets graduation (Go Michael, David, and Anne!!!). Aside from the seven hour drive each way it should be pretty fun. Then on Sunday night and Monday we will be hanging out with my dad. Next weekend we will be back at the lake, although we are trying to stop by and see M and her husband (and hopefully the other HBS Austin people). They have graciously offered to hold a BBQ at their house, and I don't think we can turn down an offer like that. ;)

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