Thursday, June 17, 2004

5 days and counting 
That's all the time at work I have left. Unfortunately, I probably have two weeks of work left so it will be busy. Whenever I leave a place I always set the ball in motion on some grand plan that corrects some problem I see in the work place. I think it's the deadline that kicks me into gear to finally get on paper, and out in the work group, the ideas that have been percolating in my head. This latest one is a minor reorganization of our work group, but I think it will make us more efficient. Best of all, I won't be around to have to implement it... ;)

When you work for a big, old school company, nobody ever resigns. Just about everyone is in for the long haul, waiting until they meet the rule of 75 or some other formula to get their full pension and benefits. Nowadays I am getting all sorts of questions about why I am quitting, how can I afford to quit, what will I do, etc. In order to stop the inquisition I normally just tell them that my sugar momma is going to provide for me. That response usually elicits a more entertaining reaction.

It looks like we have nailed down where we will be staying for our five days in Boston. Rather than shell out for a hotel, we are subletting someone's HBS apartment. It'll save us some money, especially if we can manage to eat in a few meals instead of eating out all the time. I'm hoping that we get a call from HRES next week with a housing offer and then our Boston trip can just be a vacation. I'm not holding my breath on that one, though...

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