Wednesday, June 30, 2004

About face 
What an interesting 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon we returned home to find an e-mail from Harvard Real Estate offering us an apartment in SFP. Wait a minute, what?!?!? After a confused 15 minutes while we read and re-read the e-mail, it sank it that we had already missed the deadline to respond. We called the HRES office and they allowed us to notify them this morning to let them know whether we want it.

Anyway, I called our landlord and asked her opinion of the situation, given that we just signed the lease the day before. Thankfully, she understood and allowed us to cancel it. I felt really guilty about this, but since she will have little to no trouble renting out her apartment, and since it's going to save us about $5000 over two years, I think we made the right decision.

Anyway, this morning we went and signed the lease and got our keys, and now we are going to be living in SFP. Strange turn of events, huh?

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