Tuesday, June 08, 2004

BBQ, iPod, 13 
We had a good time at the BBQ on Friday night, it was a relaxed affair with some great food. Discussions tended to center around common issues that we are all going through, like housing and financial aid. It was also interesting to see how the different spouses are planning for the transition. We also may try to join forces for movers, so that could be a big help when it comes time to move.

Two things struck me as I thought back about the evening the following morning. First, the power of the b-school network is already becoming apparent to me. Each classmate represents a lead at a different company, and regardless of whether you are going to HBS, Texas, or any other school; you’re gonna get a nice network out of the deal. Also, the most common trait of all of the HBS people I have met is a high level of self awareness. Everyone seems to have a real good idea of who they are and where they’ve been, and they also have a probable (if somewhat vague) idea of where they are going.

We got the repaired iPod last night in the mail (after it was delivered Friday to the wrong apartment complex). Like Hexley, I too am very impressed with Apple and the product suite they have put together around the iPod. I can’t imagine that the compact disc will last very long when everyone can carry out their entire music collection in one hand and use it (after buying expensive attachments) with any stereo, any where. If I was only a music junkie then I think I would have to have one. I think I can live without, though.

Only 13 days of work left… :D

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