Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Fillings, Last days, and potential career options 
As part of the pre-move wrap-up, I went and had two cavities filled today. I really hate that.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, Jie's last day is Friday. I've got one last project to complete in the morning and then I imagine I'll spend the rest of the day shaking hands and kissing babies, so to speak. I've had a very good time in my three years here, and I've certainly learned a lot. The latest questions (we've thankfully gotten past the 'how can you quit???' questions) I've been getting are about my post-MBA plans. For the most part, I see two options:

Investment Management/Finance-type job - There is a lot of money to be made here, particularly early on in one's career. I took the CFA level 1 exam, so I am somewhat familiar with the concepts behind the job. However, there are two drawbacks. First, the long-term compensation may not be as lucrative. Also, I don't think it would be as personally satisfying as option #2.

Operations - Going back into some sort of operations role with a technicial company would really give me full leverage of my MBA & engineering degrees. Although the initial money isn't as good (it's not even close!), the long-term payoff can be very, very nice. It also involves making business decisions, managing others, and in general doing a bunch of stuff that I find challenging and interesting.

The Short-term compensation vs. long-term compensation tradeoff is a tough one because I actually have a post-career, career plan. My goal is to save and invest wisely so that I can retire by 40. After that I may get a PhD in economics, or something like that, and run for office. I think working every other year in the Texas Legislature would be just about the right amount of work. I've always wanted to go into politics, and I love hearing myself speak (hence the case method ;), so it seems only natural...

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