Tuesday, June 15, 2004

< sarcasm>How generous< /sarcasm> 
I found out today that all managers who worked the strike are getting a $500 bonus and an extra day off. That roughly works out to $20/hour if the average person worked 32 hours during the strike. Although better than nothing, I am disappointed in the company and I think it sends the wrong message. First of all, they didn't account for the fact that some people worked 20 hours and some worked 50+. Also, all these managers stepped up to the plate and sacrificed their personal lives, not just for that weekend, but for all of April and May when there was so much uncertainty. And for that we get $20 an hour for a four day strike? I think the clear message here is that you should do the bare minimum for the company, because they are going to do the bare minimum for you.

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