Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Mailing 2, and more housing news 
I finally recieved Mailing 2 today from HBS. In a way, I kind of wish I hadn't. After reading about how others, particularly people attending Wharton, don't have anything to do before school starts I am wondering what HBS thinks I had in mind for the summer. Clearly they didn't think I would actually want to relax. Anyway, aside from software, here is what I recieved:
- A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test
- Essentials of Accounting and Core Concepts of Accounting by Robert Anthony and Leslie Breitner
- Analysis for Financial Management by Robert Higgins
- Creating Modern Capitalism by Thomas McCraw

I listed them in the order I will likely tackle them. I have already completed the MBTI test, next up is accounting. It's not a real thick book, nor is the financial management text. Creating Modern Capitalism, on the other hand, is a real brute. It's 700 pages and apparently forms the basis for the Foundations class that all HBS students go through for their first two weeks. I have heard that there is time to read it during Foundations, but I will probably try to knock it out in August before school starts. Who knows, maybe I will start it in July.

As for housing, I e-mailed the Harvard Affiliated Housing office, per Rosanna's suggestion. I called about 10 places this afternoon and got 7 "already rented" and 1 who only leased in person. Jie and I are considering going up to look in person from June 26th-30th, and we've been told that there will still be plenty of places at that time that will be ready for an August 1st move-in. Can anyone out there corroborate that? If we make a decision before Saturday we could go up there the 19th-22nd instead. Would a week make a difference? The agent I spoke with today told me there was plenty on the market at the end of June, since most tenants only give 30 days notice. He seemed to think that we would have no trouble finding a place at the end of June. I guess we'll find out...

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