Saturday, June 26, 2004

Peabody? No! 
Well, we successfully navigated the vagaries of three airports and made it to Boston. The day started with me missing the parking lot at the airport and having to circle around again. Then, we got a really slow shuttle driver. We still made it to our gate in time, though, but once there the US Air agent was rude to Jie. During the flight from Houston to Charlotte we had no fewer than 8 kids sitting within 3 rows of us, although most of them were quiet most of the time. I was worried about the connection in Charlotte, because we had to switch terminals, but that's a very nice airport and it was no problem. Apparently it's easier for people to get around it than bags, though, cause we waited 15 minutes on the plane at the gate for all the bags to be loaded.

Once we got to Boston we waited at baggage claim for 40 minutes, along with the rest of our flight, before someone realized that our bags had already come out somewhere else. They never updated the monitors, though, nor did anyone from US Air tell anyone. Terrible customer service.

We arrived at Peabody Terrace and immediately understood why no one likes to live here. The place feels like a soviet-designed apartment block. We are staying here because it saved us $2-300 over staying at a hotel. It's too early to say, but I don't think the sacrifice will be worth it. Who knows, maybe we'll adjust.

Then we went apartment hunting, which was a thoroughly disheartening experience. Part of it was our fault, since we weren't clear from the beginning about what we are looking for. Once we made it clear, though, the guy kept showing us the same crappy stuff and it got real tiresome real fast. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some more promising places.

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