Monday, June 14, 2004

Preparations continue 
At this point the aforementioned computer nook is completely decluttered. Well, that's not entirely true. Once I get my laptop we will take my PC to Jie's parents and then this spot will really be ready to be packed. Tonight we packed up a bunch of the crystal, champagne glasses, and other stuff that isn't going to Boston with us. We've got two boxes of things ready to go to Jie's parents house and another stack for the lake. Like I said, this is fun. Hopefully it will make moving less painful.

Next Friday, the first day after my last day of work, I am going to sell my car. I would have thought this would be bittersweet, but in reality I am excited to get rid of it. I'm not a big car person, I think they are over-priced, over-engineered toys. I drove a suburban and an integra before my current car, and I hated both. Fortunately, I loved my Maxima, and it's been pretty good to me over the last 4.5 years and 70,000 miles. I'll be lucky to get more than $500 for it, but I didn't expect much so it's gravy.

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