Thursday, June 03, 2004

Travel Plans, Resignation, and BBQ 
Yesterday we set up our flight arrangements for a trip to Boston. We were already flying to New Jersey on July 1st for a wedding, so now we are flying to Boston on June 26th and then to NJ on the 1st. After that it's back to Houston (and vacation!) on July 3rd.

As a consequence of all this, we had to move our last day of work up a few days. Now that's not a bad deal... ;) Since it's really getting close now (15 days left!), I went ahead and submitted my letter of resignation to my boss. My official last day will be July 12th, but I have 11 days of vacation to use up so my real last day will be June 24th. In my letter I laid out everything: why I am leaving, how I would prefer a leave of absence, how much I have enjoyed working for SBC, and how helpful my boss has been. He's a little embattled at work right now, I figured he could use the show of support. It was a feel-good letter to write, and he appreciated it.

Tomorrow we are heading back to the lake, but this time we will be spending Friday night in Austin. We have a BBQ with two other HBS admit couples, which I am really looking forward to. Then on Saturday it's out to the lake and on Sunday back here. I have to work next Saturday, so I have this Monday off. Damn, another three-day weekend... ;)

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