Thursday, July 22, 2004

Jie and I drove in to Austin today to run a few errands and have dinner with her parents. I bought some UT stickers for my laptop and a UT hat for when I'm in Boston. This is the third UT hat I've bought since I graduated, I've lost the other two.... Anyway, I've gotta represent when I'm up amongst the yankees, so now I'm all set. I already have a UT flag to hang in my section.

We are doing the final negotiations with the movers as well. We are going in with two other couples, both in Austin, and having all of our stuff moved at the same time. One of the other couples knows the movers, so I feel pretty sure we aren't being swindled, but just in case they try to change the price or something at the last minute I am making a Penske reservation for a few days later. Hedging my bet a little...

This weekend we are having a big to-do at the lake. I think we'll end up with around 15 people for Saturday night. It should be a lot of fun, and I'll post pictures the next time I have broadband. That's one reason I can't wait to get to Boston, our room in SFP (Soldiers Field Park) has a 10Mb ethernet connection. That'll make uploading pics a breeze.

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