Friday, July 30, 2004

Yesterday and today Jie and I wrapped up the last of the packing and I made a cool (and neurotic) spreadsheet that lists each box, its contents, and its weight. I also labeled each box with its number. This afternoon we came to Austin and had an awesome fajita dinner with my sister and her husband. It was so great to catch up with my sister, I really regret not doing this months ago. I've had plenty of beer now, so I'm having a grand ole time. And yes, I did a kick ass job on the grill in case you wanted to know.

So, this weekend we need to see Jie's parents and two of my friends houses before we go. Sunday night we are having a big dinner at my Dad's house, Monday we are going sailing with my dad, Tuesday we are loading the truck, Tuesday night we have a family dinner (with Mom, Step-dad, Dad, Step-mom, sister, and us), and Wednesday at 5am-ish we leave for Boston. I just hope time moves quickly between now and then. I am ready to hit the road!

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