Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Packing away... 
Well, we came back to Houston Monday. It was a shame to leave the lake, but I'm sure we'll get over it. We spent today packing up the apartment. We had an entire Grand Cherokee worth of stuff that either went to charity or to storage here in Houston, and there are another couple of bags of trash as well. Anyway, I'd say we're about half way through the packing process, so we're running ahead of schedule at this point.

My booq backpack shipped with a broken zipper, so I went through the hassle of getting a replacement sent to me. They are sending a return label, and I'm thinking of returning the whole backpack. It's expensive, and for less money I can get a perfectly serviceable one from Targus or Swiss Army. We're going to run by the galleria and maybe Circuit City or Best Buy and check out the other bags. If I like one of those, I guess I'll send back the booq bag.

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