Friday, August 27, 2004

Busy busy 
Well, the first week of Foundations is now pretty much at an end. We finished Crimson Greetings off Wednesday morning and then in the afternoon found out our personality types and again got together with our CG groups. For the most part I think I could have guessed who was introvert and extrovert, but some of the other traits were harder. Everyone in our group did a very good job of coming together as a team and not forcing others to operate in a particular manner. So, the fast and loose types didn't irritate the detail people and vice versa. Everyone worked in their own style but still fulfilled their role in the team. It was a fun exercise, and I was proud that our team had the highest final Net Income of any team in our universe.

One thing I don't like about HBS (and I don't know if other schools are like this as well), is that my schedule is never the same. Some days I have Creating Modern Capitalism in the Morning and Afternoon with Economics in between, other days Economics is first with two straight CMC classes later in the day. There's no consistency MWF or TTH either, it's all chaos. They released the Term 1 schedule (still no word on which section I'll be in, though), and the whole term is like this. Some Fridays I get out at 11:40, others 2:40, there's no rhyme or reason that I can figure out. Although I don't like to be bound by schedules (I am an INTP, after all...), I do like regular patterns and this chaos bothers me.

Anyway, this afternoon a few people are getting together to play Ultimate Frisbee and then it's off to TGIF at 3 or 3:30. I think Jie and I are going to lay low tonight, after going on the Boston Harbor cruise last night. Saturday we're going to go have dinner with some other couples in North End, which is a swanky Italian neighborhood with lots of great restaurants. That should be a lot of fun. There aren't any activities scheduled for Sunday, so hopefully we'll be able to go get groceries and dry cleaning out of the way and I can get a head start on the homework for next week.

Oh yeah, I also found out that at least two of the Foundations courses (Economics and CMC), have online tests that have to be taken over Labor Day Weekend. Ugh...

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