Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Career Services 
I went to the Career Development presentation that is built into Foundations today and got the results of the Business Career Interest Inventory test that I took back in March. Most of the results were basically in line with what I expected, but to see them out in front of me was a little surprising. On several metrics I fell well below the HBS mean by about a standard deviation, including Creative Production (no surprise there), Entrepreurial Attributes (again, not shocking), and Enterprise Control. Wait, now that's a little strange. Enterprise control is essentially about having a desire to have control and make decisions within a business. Not necessarily to manage a big department, mind you, just to have control over the future of the unit/fund/business. It shouldn't really surprise me that I am not motivated by making decisions, but for some reason it did.

Based upon an entirely superficial analysis of my results it looks like I am very well suited to be a b-school professor. As that career path requires more education and doesn't pay relatively well I think I'll put it on the back burner. My two prior career ideas, returning to operations and going into investment management, are actually pretty consistent with my test results, although they each have minor issues. I may not get the kind of interpersonal interaction I need from an investment management job, and I may not get to do much conceptual thinking while in operations. Other than that, I fit those two career paths pretty well. It will be interesting to see how my analysis changes as I get deeper into the career development process.

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