Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Disaster, then possible redemption 
Disaster struck this morning when the truck arrived and there was absolutely not enough room for our things. There were perhaps 3 feet available, although they claimed they could get up to 6-7 feet for us by reorganizing. I wasn't convinced.

After much wrangling, arguing, finger pointing, etc., we thought we were going to be stuck with a move this Friday using our back-up plan with Penske. The movers seem to be coming through in the end, though, by arranging for a discounted truck out of Austin and driving it half-way to Houston so we can get it. So, Jie and I are now driving a 24 foot truck with attached car carrier starting tomorrow morning, assuming all goes well.

I'm still waiting on the mover to call from Austin with the truck, so there are still no guarentees.

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