Monday, August 02, 2004

Moving Misery 
Is it possible to move from one city to another and actually feel good about the process?

We were told this morning by our movers that the other couple we are moving with had more stuff than expected and took up more room in the truck. There should be room for all our things, but no guarantees. If not, they will ship some of our boxes via a freight company. When asked which freight company the movers weren't sure, they asked us if we knew of any in Houston. Hmmm... They called back later to say the are all set with a freight company now, but they're still hopeing everything will fit in their truck. Ugh...

We got some car work done on Jie's car to get ready for the move. A timing belt replacement, some brake work, etc. Turns out we had some additional needs and the final price tag was close to $2000. To add insult to injury, the brakes are still vibrating.

The plan is still to depart Wednesday morning and attempt to make it in two days. I've got my fingers crossed...

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