Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Of movies and beers 
Yesterday was a good day. We met Adam at a place called Anna's Taqueria, which is a local chain that sells halfway decent mexican food at incredibly low prices. Jie and I both ate for less than $10, which may not sound like a bargain to my Texas readers, but it's really very inexpensive by Boston standards. It was good to see Adam, we spent a good hour catching up, and if possible I think we'll have him and his girlfriend over for dinner some time.

Between lunch and meeting 3app and PY for drinks we went down to the Boston Commons and saw I, Robot. I've read just about every sci-fi novel by Asimov, and so I expected to hate the movie, since it seemed like such a perversion of the book based upon the previews. On the contrary, I thought they had an Asimov-worthy storyline and I was very impressed. I certainly liked it better than either Bourne Supremacy or Collateral, both of which we saw recently.

We met 3app and PY at John Harvard's in Harvard Square and had a very good time. PY ordered the sampler, which is a fifth-pint or so of five different beers they brew there. It looked great, so I got one as well. We stayed for a while and chatted about b-schools, parking and driving in Boston, Canada, and several other topics. We had a great time.

Tomorrow I think we are going to head out to the closest Wal-Mart and pick up some supplies on our last day of freedom. I'm glad we came early enough to get all of the logistical issues out of the way before school starts. I'm hoping that by this time Thursday I'll be a registered HBS student with a schedule and everything. We'll see...

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