Sunday, August 15, 2004

Seeing friends 
Right now Jie and I are pretty much just passing the time until orientation on Thursday and then classes and job the following Monday. On Friday we had lunch with Power Yogi, and then on Saturday a friend from Houston, Brian, came in town to visit.

This morning before Brian left we went to see the Stata Center on the MIT campus, which is a really cool looking building. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it, except maybe in a cartoon or nightmare.

Tomorrow we're having lunch with my first roommate out of college. Adam and I were roommates for 6 monthes before he was transferred to Virginia. A few weeks ago I decided to e-mail his old address, on the off chance he still checked it. I was surprised to find that not only did he get the e-mail, but he's now living in Boston just 2-3 miles from me. A strange coincidence.

Speaking of strange coincidences, I don't think I've mentioned that Jie and I share a balcony here at SFP with a guy that I lived down the street from way back in San Antonio in the late '80's. It's a very small world.

Tomorrow evening we're going to have beers with Power Yogi and 3app, so that should be fun as well. I'm glad I'm getting a chance see all these people before school starts, cause I have a feeling I won't have so much free time after Thursday.

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