Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Somewhere out there, Martha is smiling... 
Jie and I have five closests in our apartment. One in each bedroom, two in the hallway, and one in the dining room. It's good that we have so many, cause we don't have a pantry and none of them are very deep, so we need every one.

They're pretty ugly, though. They're kind of a weird light tan color and they're metal and have various and sundry dents from previous occupants who apparently got frustrated opening and closing them.

Anyway, we had the bright idea that we could order picture magnets and decorate the doors. You know, to liven the place up. Photo magnets are a bit pricey, though, so instead we ordered the DIY kind on Amazon. We got a 50 pack of magnets that are sticky on one side, and also ordered a bunch of pictures. We got all the pictures today and I think it looks really nice.

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