Thursday, September 02, 2004

2 Fun Facts about the Class of 2006 
Did you know?

In 1933 an executive for the Deutsche Bank by the name of Georg Solmssen wrote an impassioned and prescient letter to the bank's Supervisory Board about recent actions taken regarding Jews in Germany. Solmssen himself was Jewish, and managed to escape to Switzerland. In his letter he implores the Bank to think about the path they were starting down in Germany, and it's regarded as one of the most important business memos of the Nazi era. By all indications his letter was ignored, and Solmssen was removed from the managing board later that year and from the company in 1938. Today in class we saw a photocopy of the letter. Why is that interesting? Well, because Solmssen's great-granddaughter (or maybe great-grandniece, I wasn't sure) is in the HBS Class of 2006. She personally brought a family album to the professor that included an original copy of the letter. How's that for cool?

Also of interest, the husband of Apprentice 2's Ivana is also a member of the HBS Class of 2006.

I suspect that is either far less or far more cool than fun fact #1, depending on how much TV you watch.

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