Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Career Rep 
You're now looking at the proud new Career Rep for Section G. Of course, I ran unopposed so it wasn't a big surprise, but still, it wasn't official until about 45 minutes ago.

I titled my last post Section Elections and then completely forgot to talk about the process. Anyway, these are the available section positions: President, Senator, Ed Rep, Admission Rep, Career Rep, International Rep, Leadership/Values Rep, Tech, Social Rep, Athletic, Treasurer, Volunteer Coord, Historian, Harbus, Orientation, Alumni, and Womens Student Assoc. Rep. About half the positions only had one person running. Orientation didn't have anyone. You have to get 50% of the vote to win, and only 3 of the 6 contested spots did that. So, tomorrow we have runoff voting for President, Senator, and Ed Rep. I imagine most other sections are in the same situation.

On Tuesday during lunch the Student Assoc. provided bad pizza and we heard 60 second speeches from everyone who was running. The speeches were all over the place, some were informative, silly (mine), intense, serious, or over the top. There was a definite correlation between quality of speech and votes, especially evident in the 3 contested elections that were settled without a runoff. I'm glad to know that more people in my section chose me over N/A so that I didn't have to face myself in a runoff.

Voting itself was really difficult, as I got the sense that all candidates would do a good job, so it was hard to figure out how to decide. I ended up filling out the online ballot in about 15 seconds just going by gut feel.

Tomorrow evening we fly back to Houston for the weekend to visit friends and family and indulge in Mexican food galore!

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