Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Through a brilliant combination of time management, physical laziness, and shorter cases, I've managed to finish my work on a 3-case day before 11pm. I wrote earlier (you couldn't read it because it was somehow lost in the ether), that I think my workout regimen will lose out in the battle to stay on top of my classwork. Thus far I think I have been more underprepared than overprepared for most of my classes, and so I feel I need to work harder. That entails tradeoffs, and since I am not willing to get less sleep (7 hours is the minimum), or spend less time with Jie (I'm already below quota), I have a feeling that working out will be the first to go (or next, depending on your POV).

For example, tomorrow there is a Texas Club event at 7pm. I have two cases to complete, class gets out at 2:30pm, and I normally play Ultimate on Thursdays from 3-4:30 or so. I can either go to Ultimate and do a case after the Texas Club event (which means sparse consumption of the free drinks while there), or I can skip Ultimate and get the cases knocked out before 7. Although I do love getting out there on the field, I think the pull of free beer is just too strong, and I probably won't choose running over beer. I wanted to get a case done during lunch, but I just remembered that I have a TOM review session then, so that's out.

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