Friday, September 03, 2004

G! G! G! 
You are now looking at a proud member of Section G. I think we have a good section, several people (5!) from my Crimson Greetings team are in it, along with a few of my favorite people from Foundations. Our Section Chair, who is a faculty member who oversees section administration as well as teaching us finance 1, seemed to relish telling us the rules a little too much, but we only just met the guy so who knows.

I've got a seat in the Warning Track, which is the second highest row. I would have preferred the Sky Deck, but watcha gonna do? The downside is that I am on the professor's left side, which usually translates into fewer opportunities for participation. But, since I talk too much anyway, that's probably a good thing.

Tonight is Casino Night, which is the final event for Foundations. I fully plan on losing all my money playing blackjack, which is what happens at every casino party I go to.

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