Friday, September 24, 2004

One of those unusual benefits 
You know, all through the application process for HBS everyone talked about the great on campus housing options here, One Western and Soldiers Field Park. There was one distinct benefit that no one ever told me about, though. Today on our way to play squash Jie and I passed by a packed birthday party for someone's daughter in the SFP common room. On the way back we looked in and saw that the three remaining adults were cleaning up the place. Even over the grumbling of my stomach and my hunger-dazed vision I couldn't help but notice that there was over half a birthday cake waiting to either be thrown out or sit in someone's fridge for a few days. Sensing an opportunity, I walked in and asked them if they would mind parting with some of the cake. You know, so it wouldn't go to waste. A solid three or four seconds passed as they went through the following progression: Who the hell is this guy? Is this some sort of joke? Wait a minute, he's serious...and then finally: Hey, that's a pretty good idea. So, a very nice lady that I'd never met dug out a Strawberry Shortcake paper plate and gave me a triple slice of birthday cake. Mmmm, it was good.

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